Hotsy Totsy


San Pablo Avenue runs from downtown Oakland through Emeryville, Berkeley and Albany as it heads toward industrial Contra Costa County. Up there, it passes the old dynamite-making village of Hercules and the current oil-refining town of Rodeo before ending near the big C&H sugar mill in Crockett (home of Aldo Ray).

Albany’s a little bedroom community that borders Berkeley on the north. Most of the town is solid middle class, angling for genteel. But where San Pablo cuts through it, it still shows a little bit of its less staid self in a series of bars along the street: The Ivy Room, Club Mallard, and, my favorite (namewise, anyway — I’ve never gone inside any of these places), the Hotsy Totsy Club. I’ve always loved the sign.

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  1. Sure, it may look exciting–running a fancy nightclub like this. But it’s not all champagne and laughs ’til dawn. How would YOU feel telling your headliner her gams had quit?

  2. Right after I took the picture, I went around the corner on my bike and the headliner you’re talking about seemed to be heading into work. Looked like she’d been at it for a long, long time.

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