Driving While Distracted


Some people have their cellphones, their breakfast burritos, or finicky stereo systems to keep them from watching the road while driving. Me, I’ve got my digital camera, used while behind the wheel to record remarkable road occurrences, such as the antics of some of my fellow distracted drivers. Every once in a while some other on-the-road scene or oddity catches my eye. Yesterday morning, while headed over to Marin County on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, it was the word emblazoned on the apparatus depicted above. It’s a big name in the world of concrete pumping.

5 Replies to “Driving While Distracted”

  1. Hilarious. Reminds me of the “Schwing” cranes that were used in my former neighborhood following a soundwall collapse. I would titter in spite of myself every time I passed those, mainly because of the SNL skits where Wayne and Garth would shout “Schwing!” and thrust their hips forward whenever they mentioned/saw a pretty woman. To carry it a bit further, how about The Reimer or a nice bottle of Pocari Sweat, a drink insanely popular in Tokyo when I was there in 2002. MMMMMM! Wings anyone?

  2. Yeah, there’s a whole world of brand-name comedy to mine here. My favorite “they just didn’t know how this would sound in English” product name is “Calpis.” It’s another Japanese beverage, which I saw on sale at a Japanese-American grocery here in Berkeley about 25 years ago. I remember Eamon (my son, who’s living in Tokyo) telling me it’s still on the market in Japan and fairly popular.

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