Man at Work

Or maybe I should say “man ‘at work.’ ” Just a note to the immense (and immensely faithful) ITC (Infospigot: The Chronicles) readership that I’ve been away from the blog in recent days because well, I’ve actually been off earning money by the sweat of my wordsmithing. The first person who can tell me what I mean by all that (use lots of parentheses) will get an all-expenses-paid breakfast burrito from the fast-food emporium of your choice. More soon. Maybe even tonight.

4 Replies to “Man at Work”

  1. Two (I could use more, but one of the things you taught me (by example) as an editor (at Wired News (and, if I may say, it’s never been the same since those days) is economy) words: internet astrology.

  2. Hey infospigot. You are teaching people stuff all the time. Maybe not always what you mean to or want to 🙂 but always something.

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