Chocolate Hall of Fame Guy

A reader in Chicago who attended his first game at Wrigley Field in the early 1930s asks: Now that Ryne Sandberg is headed to the Hall of Fame, what do you think my commemorative Ryne Sandberg chocolate bar is worth? In a bygone era, before there were lights at Wrigley Field or a World Wide Web, that would have been an idle question. But now they play in the dark at Addison and Clark, and you can go online to find out the going price for any old keepsake, even a chocolate bar from a lapsed century.

I looked for the Ryne Sandberg bar on eBay, and I found three listings. One’s up for auction with an opening price of $7.99 (or $14.99 if you just want to skip the bidding and buy it right now) and has collected zero bids. Another, described as “melted a little,” asks an opening bid of $3.99 (no interest so far). The last one’s going for a buck and has failed to draw a bid even from immortal Cubs fan Steve Bartman. Maybe because the picture of the merchandise (above) is a little blurry.

My advice to the Chicago reader; Contact Christie’s.

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  1. Dear Doctor Dan:
    Thank you for your profound advice, Doctor. However, I must remind you that these bars were purchased at “Nuts R Us” on north Clark Street, in the shadow of Wrigley Field, and I hasten to remind you, in the shadow of Graceland Cemetery. Two of the most hallowed and sacrosanct pieces of real estate in northern Illinois. I believe that the above gives these bars a certain cachet vis s vis ordinary 2.25 Oz. chocolate bars.
    Chicago Reader

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