It’s Here

It’s taken me 23 hours and 49 minutes (and counting) to take official notice of the seemingly inevitable development that unfolded time zone to time zone across the world in the last x number of hours: 2005 has arrived. I spent a good deal of the first day of the year outside, walking along the Emeryville shoreline (that’s Emeryville, California, if you’re not a San Francisco Bay Area local) with Kate and our neighbors Piero and Jill and Marie. Later, Kate enticed me to go to a New Year’s party that some friends were throwing up in the hills by offering to walk there. It was a great hike, under clearing early evening skies, but the surprising feature of the foray was seeing several acquaintances from my earliest days in Berkeley whom I hadn’t seen or talked to in 20 years or more. How is that possible?

That’s it really. Maybe I’ll talk resolutions for 2005 and reflections on 2004 later. Maybe.

Meantime, it’s started raining again as the clock ticks toward January 2. More later.

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