Berkeley Braces for Xmas


Even in Berkeley, overrun as it is by irreligious leftists (like me) and know-it-alls (like me) who will tell you (are you listening?) without you ever thinking of asking that you’d be better off (you would) to just skip this whole December holiday deal with its materialistic and reactionary churchish trappings, we have Christmas light displays. This one’s on a street called The Arlington, one of two streets in the north end of town that carry a definite article in their name but stand unadorned by designation as street or avenue or way. The Arlington has been in such bad repair for so long (it’s getting fixed now) that one refers to each of the multitude of pavement issues along the street as "a pothole." Indefinite article. Or maybe "other-abled asphalt." I’m sure a city commission has ruled on the matter.

In any case, a walk this evening took me from an automatic teller to a bookstore up some long flights of neighborhood steps to The Arlington, where the above-depicted scene held pedestrians and motorists in thrall. I walked back by way of the open-till-midnight drug store and several more quietly lighted streets.

More on Christmas lights tomorrow.

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