Will Work for Cookie

News from the world of online help-wanted ads (in the midst of all this blogging and freelancing and handwringing about life and the world in general, a job search is theoretically happening here at Infospigot World Headquarters; but that’s another long, sad story, for later; much later). Just now on Craigslist, I spot this posting: **MANAGING EDITOR FELLOWSHIP.**

Interesting! “Managing Editor Fellowship.” It’s for VegNews, “America’s premier vegetarian lifestyle magazine.” It looks like a real magazine, and it sounds like they want a real managing editor. The ad says, “The candidate will work alongside the editor-in-chief and with dozens of experienced writers to build a top-notch editorial department. Person will manage magazine’s editorial lineup, work with writers on revisions, read and pitch stories, field inquiries, plan future editorial, research story ideas, and have an opportunity to write for the magazine.”

And in return for the 50+ hours a week the ad, with admirable frankness, says this job will require, the managing editor fellow will get 100 bucks a week (it’s a stipend, not a salary). Plus a furnished cottage somewhere in San Francisco, and other perks, including ” all-you-can-eat vegan cookies.”

Hey, give them points for trying something creative. It’s not always true that you only get what you pay for. I’ve seen plenty of mediocre people pulling down big bucks and talented ones who were seriously underpaid. On the other hand, I always wonder about organizations that say they want the kind of talent that can “build a top-notch editorial department” while offering what amounts to spare change and (in this case) baked goods as part of the compensation package.

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  1. I hope that the job search isn’t that sad.
    In addition: a cookie might not be that bad if the job was exciting. But then I am probably not the kind of talent they are looking for. Not yet anyway. 😉

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