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Just a note: It’s the coldest night of the season here so far. Usually that’s occasion for scoffing about Bay Area weather versus real weather (I’m one of the scoffers myself. But I note that the 9 p.m. temperature at Oakland airport was 39 degrees on the German-inspired Fahrenheit scale (our back-porch thermometer shows 40). The official temperature in Chicago at about the same time was 37. And in Central Park in New York City, another of the far-flung outposts of Brekke-dom, the mercury (or maybe it was alcohol) stood at 41.

The differences between here and those other cool places: They’ll get much, much colder in the weeks to come.. And most of our house is without heat as those east of the Berkeley Hills understand it.

Update: The thermometer shows 36 Tuesday morning on Holly Street (around the Bay Area, the lowest temperature I see for 7 a.m. was 28, about 35 miles southeast of here in Livermore), and sleeping in the unheated part of our house last night was more like camping out without a good down bag. The low at O’Hare this morning looks like it was 35. And in New York it was 39.

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