Road Blog: Yreka

Tom and I are staying at the Best Western in Yreka (yes, Yreka, California, north of Weed, east of Krakatoa) tonight. On our way up to Eugene for a tour of the University of Oregon tomorrow. Got kind of a late start out of Berkeley — about 7:30 or so — and arrived here just after midnight, Veteran’s Day. This happens to be the same place Dad and I stopped in October 1990 on our way up to see Mount St. Helen’s (Dad, I asked for the Brekke Suite, but the desk person affected ignorance and eventually threatened to call the sherifff when I persisted; so we’re just in a regular double room)

. Not much to report from the road: Light rain off and on, light traffic pretty much the whole way, and we traveled sans landscape since we got on our way so late. We had Tom’s iPod plugged into the car stereo and sung along with many songs, including hits from the Jackson 5, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, and many others. The schedule for tomorrow (later today) is up early for the fine Yreka Bakery complimentary breakfast, then over the Siskiyous to Ashland for real breakfast, then up to Eugene for a 1 p.m. campus tour. Further than that we have not planned.

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  1. I’ve only hung out there a bit, but I fully endorse Eugene! It gets the kid out of Berkeley (and I’m a fan of getting the kid out of his hometown for the college years) but the transition — Eugene being Berkeley North — should be easy. Safe travels, guys!

  2. Dan,
    I’m certain you remember that you had your bike along in 1990, and after a night in Yreka, you rode your bike thru some beautiful backcountry, with me tailing along in the car. It would be fun to retrace your steps if possible, to see if the present day reality is as good as our memories. SDBr

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