Mission Accomplished! Again!

My dad suggests that there’s a little irony in U.S. troops going into Fallujah, in sort of latter-day "Sands of Iwo Jima" style, 18 months after the president and friends declared "mission accomplished." But maybe the new battle is an excellent public-relations opportunity. We could stage a "Mission Accomplished! Again!" event. Maybe George "Two-Term" Bush could land a chopper in the middle of town, or whatever is left of it after all our precision-munitions work. Maybe someone could drape a big "Mission Accomplished! Again!" banner on the bridge from which those four American security contractors were hung after insurgents killed and burned them earlier this year. And maybe we can get out of Iraq before we need to accomplish the same mission again, in Fallujah or Najaf or some other town we have to blow to hell to liberate.

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