Miles O’Brien, TV Dolt

A small moment of CNN anchor idiocy today: While Miles O’Brien, TV dolt extraordinaire, was filling time while the network waited for Kerry to show up for his concession speech at Faneuil Hall, he started jabbering about the hall’s history with fellow anchor-dolt Kyra Phillips:

O’Brien: Our affiliate, WCVB, giving us a live feed from inside Faneuil Hall where, really, the revolution was born. Patrick Henry, all the…

Phillips: I was waiting for the Bostonian history, because you lived there…

O’Brien: All the great orations of — the cradle of the revolution right there. And at this point, at that location, in that historic spot, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, of Beacon Hill, just a few minutes away, will offer up his concession speech. That is coming to us, we think within about 30 minutes time. They’re still plugging in all the cables and getting everything ready.”

Yes, dolt. They are still getting everything ready. And while they do, let’s remind you that Patrick Henry certainly did not — not — make one of those great orations there, since he was busy stirring up the Virginia legislature at the time.

Do you get the feeling I don’t like Miles? I don’t. He’s just a jot above the archetypal dumb TV news guy who’s on the air for his looks ‘n’ charm. Dolt. Miles O’Dolt.

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