Attack of the Phone People

Well, one last note about Kerry-Edwards phonebanking. The site has dozens of phonebank events listed for tomorrow, Election Day. Hundreds of people are already signed up to attend, so a lot of people in Swing America are going to be hearing from people in (what we assume is) Kerryland. My favorite phone-parties are at the very end of the listings, way below the grand events held in big homes in the hills or downtown law offices that have scores of people coming:

Jesse’s Phone-a-thon (1 person is attending)
Shoreline Court
Richmond, CA
No Pets, Handicap Accessible but small, cluttered apartment. Get those swing state voters out to vote!
This event is handicapped accessible.
Tuesday, November 2, 03:00 PM

Me and the phone (1 person is attending)
Claremont Avenue
Richmond, CA
Just me, calling (very private)
Tuesday, November 2, 07:00 AM

Buddhists Beat Bush (1 person is attending)
Page Street
San Francisco, CA
Probably good to bring a cell and/or a phone card. But hey, if you’re not using a phone, you could at least make tea and give us the news updates! You don’t have to be a buddhist to attend – we just happen to be. We’ll go till at least 3pm, then we’ll see if there’s energy to keep going.

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