Rainy Season

Cimg2358Earlier this week, it was smoky and hot. And now, suddenly, the dry season is over and the rains have started. Today was the first of several days of predicted on-an-off rain. Not so dramatic, weatherwise, for people used to tornadoes and typhoons or big seasonal variations with snow and bitter cold in the dark end of the year (you all know who you are). But here — this is it, the big change, when the weather starts coming in from the Pacific. John Adams and I were up hiking in the Sierra last weekend, and it’s just about certain that at least the highest place we reached, the Sierra Buttes, at 8,500 feet, has got a foot or two of snow on the ground tonight. (Took the picture from a doorway at St. Ambrose Catholic Church, where I ducked in to get out of a heavy shower this afternoon.)

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  1. Dan: Good picture…and sounds like a good time in the Sierra. While you were there, we were in the Berkshires. The fall colors are amazing. We hiked through the woods up there and saw all sorts of great stuff. Among the things we came upon, while walking a small trail, was a cemetery (in the woods) that went back to the mid-18th century. Walked through several beautiful stands of white-bark birch trees. God, they are beautiful this time of year. You can imagine the times when the Mohawk and Mohicans walked over this land. I thought about you and how you would have really enjoyed this.

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