Local Politics

Cimg2329Just before Labor Day, I think, Kate and I drove up to Calaveras County to spend a night with our friends Jill and Piero at their cabin. Along the road, we saw a sign for a candidate to the county board: “Studley for Supervisor.” I would have taken a picture for my own amusement, but hadn’t brought my camera. I asked Jill if she’d take a picture when she and Piero were on her way back down here. She did, but it got erased before she could send it to me. Then last weekend, this sign appeared on our front lawn, courtesy of Piero, who grabbed one from the roadside. Now the ethical dilemma: Should we return it to restore the roadside political ecology of Calaveras County to its natural state? Or should we keep it? (So far, it’s still in front of our house, and no one in the neighborhood has asked us who in the world this Studley guy is.)

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