Luke vs. The Emperor

Cimg2234Saw just a little bit of the Edwards-Cheney joint appearance. The last half hour or so. Actually, Cheney wasn’t as Emperor-like as I expected. And Edwards was somewhat annoying — flagrantly ignoring the questions posed, offering generalities where specifics were probably available and would have been welcome (for instance, on a question regarding the government’s proper role in combatting the relatively rapid spread of AIDS among black women in the United States, Edwards started by talking about AIDS in Africa, apparently because that was what Cheney did). Without waiting for the quick poll numbers, I’ll predict Cheney is viewed as the “winner” because he didn’t hem and haw and stammer and grimace and flinch the way W did against Kerry; and because Edwards, whom the Republicans spun as the masterful trial lawyer and therefore intimidating foe, didn’t destroy Cheney.

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  1. I think Edwards did alright. I thought the GOP guys might try to do a Dan Quayle to him and clearly that didn’t happen. I thought the senator was pretty good and the veep was exactly what you’d expect. If you like him, you love him. If you don’t like him, you hate him. One thing though, Cheney is the best damn dissembler I’ve ever seen. Talk about being able to sell a pig in a poke.

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