Willfully Blind

By way of my brother John, a good online piece from Newsweek’s Christopher Dickey refuting complaints that critics of the Iraqi war are guilty of Monday-morning quarterbacking.

“To be sure, the State Department did its homework in 2002 with the ‘Future of Iraq Project‘ (my link, not Dickey’s) and came up with some answers. But the Pentagon threw away the studies and effectively banned anyone who had worked on them (meaning just about anyone who knew anything about Iraq) from participating in the ‘transition.’

“This was the real intelligence failure in Iraq—the willful blindness of an administration that did not want to discuss the risks ahead. Didn’t even want to know them. To have talked too much about such things might have made the American public and the American Congress as cautious about this war as the warriors were. It might have given some inkling why most Europeans and our Arab allies and Asians and Africans and Latin Americas were skeptical about the whole venture. Did they hate democracy? No. They hated occupation. They knew its humiliations and its risks.”

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