Sidewalk Sloganeering

709Walking east on Lunt Avenue from Dad’s place over to Sheridan Road, up here on Chicago’s far North Side, I see someone’s taken over a little stretch of sidewalk for their very own anti-Bush campaign. They’ve scrawled “Today’s Reason Not to Vote for Bush” in blue chalk, and every day (apparently; I’ve walked past the spot two days, and the reason looks like it’s changed daily) they offer a new presidential provocation. Last Friday, it was Dick Cheney. Today, Bush “ignored Geneva Convention” (the former is pithy and visceral, the latter requires a little too much thought, especially on an unseasonably warm, humid day like today. Cimg2010

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  1. Dan,
    I believe that the origin of this message is from the same nearby home in which the children who live there were operating a lemonade stand with the advertisement that all proceeds would go to the Kerry Campaign.

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