Land o’ Lincoln Senate Notes

Two delightful items, both by way of Gaper’s Block:

First, Alan Keyes sings. “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” In front of other people. On TV, actually. Channel 2, the CBS channel that I always used to call WBBM.

Second, a funny account of a campaign encounter with John Edwards and Barack Obama in Chicago:

“… Continuing in my stilted voice, I greeted Mr. Obama with a cheery, “I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE RUNNING. I HAVE BEEN VOLUNTEERING FOR YOU.” He thanked me, and honestly, I know this sounds naive and cheesy, but it felt genuine. I love that guy.”

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  1. Dan: Read this too and looked at the links. The stuff about “meeting the candidates” is pretty funny. I’ll try to post this without hitting the button twice.

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