End of TechTV

At 1 a.m. Friday (about two hours and 10 minutes from now), TechTV’s
signal will be merged with G4’s,  and something called G4techtv
will be born. What a business: Ziff-Davis, Paul Allen, and now Comcast
have dumped hundreds and hundreds of millions into TechTV between the
startup, Allen’s purchase from ZDTV and other investors (he’s reported
to have spent $320 million on it), Comcast’s buyout of Allen (they
reportedly spent $290 million), and all the money that’s gone into
operating the beast (an unschooled guess would be $100 million total
over TechTV’s run; though I imagine it easily could have been double or
triple that). And after all that money and six years, the channel is
back to semi-start-up mode (though it’s a very well distributed
start-up, with 44 million households to start). It’ll be interesting to
watch the trajectory.

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