Pop: 89


Flew to Chicago today. The proximate cause: my dad’s 89th birthday today. Also, I haven’t checked in here since April. Too long, though I very skillfully missed the heat. It had been around 90 all week. Today when I arrived it was a blustery 65 or so–very similar to the conditions that have obtained much of the summer in Berkeley. I feel right at home.

One surprise upon greeting Dad when I arrived: He’s decided after all this time to let his hair grow. Me, I sport his former buzzed style. He actually has a nice head of hair going there–much more appealing than anything I’ve been able to grow in a while.

Anyway, I’m here. Dad: Happy birthday.


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  1. Fabulous! I’m sure he’s elated you’re to celebrate with him. Best wishes to your dad!

  2. Dan

    Wendy … on behalf of the birthday lad … thank you.

  3. Dude looks good. Bet it was a good day with his namesake in town!

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