There’s a Saturday morning routine that takes us by a restaurant for coffee and pastries followed by a pause at the King Middle School garden (so the dog can watch the chickens) and a stop at the schoolyard to sit and consume previously mentioned food items.

Then there’s a Sunday morning routine: different direction, different cafe, no pastries, and no stops. But we do walk along the old Santa Fe right-of-way, and our path takes us past an old storefront on Hearst Street that has been turned into a gallery.

The picture above: the gallery a couple Sundays ago. I’m a sucker for artfully arranged miscellany, I guess.


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2 Responses to Storefront

  1. Wow. At first glance, I thought that was a person sitting there. Second glance, I thought it was me. Hopefully, that wasn’t a prophetic vision.

  2. Rob

    Window and image both well done, Dan. Your eyes are drawn right to her. More than a little spooky, though.

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