Winter Oak


Kate and I went on a walk (sans dog!) in Briones Regional Park yesterday. The park is part of what was once a big Spanish land-grant ranch, east of the Berkeley Hills. It was cloudy, foggy, sunny, and gorgeous out there.  

December 11: Last Light


The usual late afternoon/early evening ride: Spent the rest of the day on — well, not much. Hit the road around 3, crossed the hills, and rode a steeply rolling road to the east. After 20 miles, I turned around and rode back; the main alternate return route from where I was has some high-speed traffic on it, and the sun was getting ready to set. This is from one of the high points along Bear Creek Road (click for a larger image): The Berkeley Hills are in the distance, an arm of Briones Reservoir, one of the big local holding basins for water piped down from the Sierra Nevada, is to the lower left.