Motel View


A discovery of 2011, by way of Thom Brekke: The Beachcomber, a motel in Fort Bragg. Here’s what you see right out the back of the place, which is built adjacent to an old logging road (and before that, a rail line) used to carry logs to the Fort Bragg mills. The mills are gone, but the road persists as a trail that runs from the motel, on the north bank of Pudding Creek, for seven miles or so up the coast. Along the way, there’s lots of beach and bluff frontage. It’s an amazing place, really.

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  1. Beautiful view. Any idea how old those trees are? I don’t reckon they grow all that fast with that sort of exposure to the elements. I’ll have to look up Ft. Bragg, maybe visit this place.

  2. John, you’d like it. (So would the rest of the clan.) I have no idea how fast those trees grow, or whether all these separate-looking specimens are growing from one mass of roots I’m guessing this cluster is about 80 feet tall; there’s little growing right on the coast, so it’s visible for miles.

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