In-Flight Entertainment


I prefer a window seat when I fly, because watching the landscape and skyscape, not the movies or seat-back TVs, is my in-flight entertainment. On my trip back from Newark earlier this week, the only window available was over a wing. Not ideal, but better than nothing. This shot is while our 737 was queuing up for takeoff.

4 Replies to “In-Flight Entertainment”

  1. Nice. I like the window seat as well. Also had some nice weather that day. Speaking of weather, you’re going to miss out on the big hurricane this weekend. I’ ll try to get some photos.

  2. Weather was gorgeous the last couple of days I was there. Watch out for Irene. You going to board up those 15th floor windows?

  3. Hi Dan,
    It looks like I missed your trip to NJ again; I was riding PBP.
    Maybe next time you’re on the east coast we’ll go for a NJ bike ride.

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