Lance and Us

Lance Armstrong is a renowned champion bicycle racer. Lance Armstrong is making a comeback this year after several years of celebrity and celebrity hangover. Lance Armstrong crashed earlier this week during a race and broke his collarbone. And now Lance Armstrong is starting his recovery training regimen. Today, and perhaps today only, Lance Armstrong’s workout routine resembles something I might recognize as human. Here it is, as reported on his Twitter stream: “Got on the spin bike for half an hour today.”

(And here’s the link to the Twitpic of Lance on said spin bike:

2 Replies to “Lance and Us”

  1. “Celebrity hangover” is maybe the most appropriate term for what Lance underwent post-Tour glory. Am I the only one who’s not read it somewhere else first, or are you coining a term I’m all but bound to use for some time? Nicely done, either way.

  2. I wish I could lay claim to that term. Googling it, it’s rare — but it looks like it goes back at least three years. Darn it all!
    However, I did coin “This American Gripe.” I think.

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