Today’s Time Waster

I took an online survey, which got me to thinking about whether it would be hard to come up with something like that myself. So I went to a site and cooked up … well, not a survey, but a quiz on the vice presidents. Have fun (and give me some feedback):

Know Your Veeps

[Later: OK — one thing is clearly deficient in this approach, and I'm surprised I didn't see it before I posted the quiz: there is no immediate feedback about the right answers or the quiz taker's score. Apparently, the service I'm using — SurveyMonkey — doesn't offer those options. So to partly compensate for that, I'll put the correct answers after the jump on this page. Later, I'll post the results. ]

1. Hannibal Hamlin
2. Adams, Jefferson, Burr, Clinton
3. Burr, Tyler, Truman
4. Jefferson: $2 bill (and, even though it's a coin and not currency, the nickel)
5. Lewis, in 1875. He was U.S. Grant's second vice president.
6. Burr and Cheney
7. Jeremiah Jones Colbath-Henry Lewis
8. Quayle
9. Landon and Smith
10. Garner

2 Replies to “Today’s Time Waster”

  1. That was fun even though I got a dismal score. Got 1, 2, 6, 8, right, got 9 half right. Forgot about that two dollar bill.
    In other news, wouldn’t our George Clinton make the awesomest vice president?

  2. That was fun! I think I got 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9 right but 1 was an educated guess while 6 I just guessed the two VPs I knew were involved in shootings. Question 2 was too easy because most people know Adams was the first VP. However, 4 was extra tricky because the $2 bill is an oddity and the question doesn’t encourage you to think of Presidents who were also VP.

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