Tour de France: The Ratings

Media Life Magazine: “One nasty spill for the Tour de France.” The article’s gist: The “cume” — the number of people who watched at least once, was up. But average viewership for the broadcasts was down as much as 20 percent. The reasons: Number One–no Yank stars (sorry, Christian Vande Velde). Number Two–le dopage. Quote from the article:

“Versus says that a larger number of people than last year tuned into at least some portion of Tour coverage, but average viewership took a hit, meaning many of them did not return after sampling.

“Doping deserves some of the blame.

“ ‘Obviously it’s the elephant in the room,’ says Marc Fein, Versus executive vice president of programming, production and business operations at Versus. ‘Some people might be turned off a bit by the bad things that have happened, the doping in the sport.’ ”

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3 Replies to “Tour de France: The Ratings”

  1. Number 3: having to watch the same annoying commercials that run EVERY single commercial break

  2. It can’t measure the number of people who watch the race on outlets like Comcast On-demand (fast forward through commercials!) or streaming video on-line. But the lack of a recognizable American star no doubt hurt, along with the every-other-day doping revelations.

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