Stage 10: Your Phil Liggett Quote of the Day

Due to an actual standard work-day schedule on Monday, we missed our Tour TV-watching appointment. In watching the replay, the one featuring Bob Roll and the Craig Hummer, we weren’t taken with very much of what we heard; and of course we were separated, for one race day, from our muse, Phil. That’s all by way of saying we have an honorary Phil quote today from Christian Vande Velde, who for a moment anyway captured the true spirit of Phil:

Hand in hand: “First of all, I’ve looked after myself from day one, from December on. And that’s been more a psychological change for me than anything else. I’ve changed my preparation, what I’m thinking I can do, what I possibly can do, and also physically. I think it goes kind of hand in hand with myself.”

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  1. For several years I’ve kept track of “Phil Liggetisms” so I have a couple for you from Monday’s tough Stage 10.
    On Robbie McEwen just before the HC climb: Robbie’s heart must have hit his boots there when he saw that sign for the Tourmalet!
    On Jens Voigt (and his pacing up the Tourmalet): I don’t know where he fills it with petrol, because this guy doesn’t run out of energy. He wants to break the spirit of all the contenders.
    …that front group is driving the pack in self-destruct mode.
    …the other riders are all split asunder.
    On Frank Schleck: he’s just got to start dreaming in yellow.
    The previous day Paul Sherwen said of Ricardo Ricco as he was whipping it up the Col d’Aspin: I don’t know where he got those legs unless he purchased some new ones on the way!
    Listening to these guys is half the fun of watching the Tour!

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