Phil’s Liggett’s Quote of the Day

From the Versus Stage 1 telecast of the Tour de France:

“The beautiful scenery of Britanny now, remember we’re in Britanny now for three days, that’s what they’ve paid for and that’s what we’re gonna get and enjoy here on the Tour de France because these narrow roads constantly twist and turn, the undulations are very, very special here for all of the riders and 43 of them in their first Tour de France.”

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2 Replies to “Phil’s Liggett’s Quote of the Day”

  1. That’s what makes him the best in the business! For anyone else it only would be rambling, but when Phil says, it sounds like most exciting, sensible thing to say! LOL!

  2. I go back and forth on Phil, between finding him a necessary nuisance and a blithering incompetent. On the other hand, I read somewhere this is his 36th year doing the Tour. I guess he’s like Phil Rizzuto used to be for the Yankees–someone whose goofiness is part of the attraction (with the difference that once upon a time, the Scooter could really play).

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