Friday Notebook

Journey on a divan: Kind of cool, if you’re a cyclist who is reluctant to ever get out of the saddle: a boutique Japanese bicycle company, Scarabike, has produced a couple pieces of novelty furniture for a design show in Tokyo. The Scarabike sofa and footstool are both crafted from Brooks-style leather bike seats. The designboom blog has pictures. (And bonus points for telling me where the phrase “journey on a divan” comes from.)

Alamo (Un) Incorporated: This has nothing to do with cycling except insofar as Alamo, California, is a swell place to ride through on one’s way to the southern approach to Mount Diablo and also insofar as the Alamo (Un) Incorporated blog is the work of Trust But Verify, by far the best place anywhere to catch up on the Floyd Landis case (assuming, of course, that you aren’t Floyd or his lawyers). Anyway, Trustbut is looking for links for this new blog, which considers the debate over incorporating beautiful Alamo. Consider yourself linked.

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