Friday: The Recipe


Peet’s (Evanston location)

Wifi (free-range)

Target (light grocery pickup)


Chicago Tribune (separate and set aside: sports and weather)

New York Times (reserve: crossword)

Visit with: dad and Ann

Visit with: physical therapist, home nurse

Visit with: Comic Nurse (tour of Lincoln Square and environs)

Purchase: book (“Fun Home,” Alison Bechdel)

Lasagna (Ann’s)

“Wheel of Fortune” (really)

Move (with bro-in-law Dan and nephew Soren; feature: “The Darjeeling Express”)

Chili’s (margarita, “egg rolls”)

Visit: Ann and Dan’s

Back to dad’s

Phone call: Kate of the West

Procedure: Mix Peet’s with dairy whitener (optional). Gently fold in other ingredients gently, then whip into light peaks. Bake, broil, steam, poach and/or to taste, taking care not to overcook. Set aside to cool.

Serves several.

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