New York, Pennsylvania

Checking in from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia, after stops (briefly) in Allegany State Park, New York, and (longly) in Shiremanstown, Pa., where Kate’s aunt and uncle live. Then today, across the eastern part of the state on the spanking clean pavement of the state’s turnpike (it was such an innovation that when it first opened people used to pull onto the median to picnic). The weather has turned in these parts: We’d had nearly a week straight of heavy, hot, humidity-saturated air; late this afternoon, that gave way to cool, windy weather that reminded me of the Bay Area or perhaps the first hint of post-summer in these parts. We’re staying tonight with Kate’s cousin, then tomorrow will wind up on the northern Jersey shore, where her family lives. Me, I’m just driving, enjoying good food and good company, and starting to obsess about my trip to France next week and whether I’m really ready for it.

Pardon, monsieur. Parlez vous l’anglais?

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