Road Blog: Driving 80

Conclusion of the foregoing: Lincoln, Nebraska, to Tinley Park, Illinois. (Tinley Park is where my brother Chris and his family live; it’s about 30 miles southwest of the Loop.) Interstate 80 all the way, about 515 miles, and I’ll only say that that stretch of road does nothing to sweeten your correspondent’s disposition despite the gorgeous green rolling Iowa and Illinois countryside. It makes me wonder whether we ought to try do the rest of the drive out to New York on two-lane roads.

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3 Replies to “Road Blog: Driving 80”

  1. Lincoln to Tinley Park? Ahh that’s nothing.
    In 2004 we did Cheyenne to the the North Side of Chicago…
    Maybe that’s what you meant by long for 2007 standards in your last post 🙂
    Look forward to seeing more posts from the road and say hi to everybody for me!

  2. Rt 20 to NY is nice…through northern Indiana and Ohio, along the lakes to Pennsylvania and upstate New York.
    Eamon…I did that Chicago-Cheyenne drive many years ago. It was tough. It was in August as well. The late evening light out there in Nebraska is beautiful.

  3. Detroit-San Jose in three days, solo, in 1985. That’s the most notable of my many I-80 experiences. JB, I fell asleep in Nebraska. While driving, I mean. No problem: pretty straight road there.

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