Johnny Appleseed, from Cincinnati

After week two, the thing I think I like best about David (“Deadwood,” “NYPD Blue”) Milch’s new “surf noir” drama on HBO (“John from Cincinnati“) is the song that plays over the opening credits. I listened the first week and couldn’t really catch any of the lyrics. The second week, I replayed the opening a couple of times, and at least got an intelligible first line: “Lord, there goes Johnny Appleseed.”

Armed with that much, the rest was easy. It’s Joe Strummer, late, and late of The Clash, and the song, “Johnny Appleseed,” was recorded with his last band, The Mescaleros. Finding out it was him, it was easy to hear a link to The Clash; one, anyway: “Lost in the Supermarket.”

Among other Google results for “Joe Strummer” and “Johnny Appleseed”: the band’s original video, shot in London, and a 2001 performance on Letterman.

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