Reading Matter

Fellow patrons’ reading at Evanston Peet’s:

–“Handbook of Combinatorics,” “Hypergraphs,” “Graphs and Hypergraphs” (checked out from Loyola University Library).

–World Market holiday flyer.

–Walgreen’s holiday flyer

–A New York Times story on “unschooling.” (Not sure what unschooling is, though I read over a guy’s shoulder that it’s legal in all 50 states, and the suggestion is that it’s self-directed study without the regular or home school framework. Wish I’d known about that when I was 12).

–Chicago Tribune story on a homeless food kitchen (I think).

–The New Yorker.

–An unidentified magazine; I’ll guess Reason or The New Republic or The American Prospect.

–A double-spaced sheaf of pages; maybe an undergrad’s musings on Kierkegaard.

–A course catalog of some kind.

–An black-underlined and green-and-red-hlghlghted textbook.

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