Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

After a day spent near the Delaware River, then with Kate’s cousin’s family north of Philadelphia, we decided to take an impromptu sidetrip to Gettysburg (how impromptu? We didn’t bring a change of clothes). So tonight, we’re camped out in a motel just outside Harrisburg and about 30 miles (an exhausting day’s march or a half-hour air-conditioned drive) from Gettysburg. I haven’t been here since 1971; Kate’s visiting the battlefield for the first time. Oh, and our rental car has South Carolina license plates.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Well, this is vintage DB. I have to get to Gettysburg someday. With as little time as you had there, question is: What is the one place you would go? The site of Pickett’s charge? The Devil’s Den, Little Round Top? From what I’ve read the place is pretty large…not a day trip.
    What I couldn’t get over when I was at Bull Run was how relatively small the area of the decisive action was. Those Yankees got a real close-up look at Stonewall Jackson’s men. Not like Antietam, where the battle seemed spread out
    over a much larger area.

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