The ’24’ Drinking Game Calculator & FAQ

Responding to the growing popularity of “24”-centered drinking games, the Infospigot Research Institute has developed an easy-to-use way of telling players how drunk the show and its characters are making them. Without further ado:

I have downed
during the current episode of—Say it! Say it now!—”24.”

I am A Jack/Tony/Curtis Wannabe A Chloe/Audrey/Michelle (R.I.P.) Wannabe
(CTU Los Angeles has determined that there are gender differences in Blood Alcohol Concentration).

I weigh Pounds Kilograms

and I live/dwell in

(so that the result is displayed in the appropriate units).

About the ’24’ Drinking Game Calculator
The ’24’ Drinking Game Calculator was shamelessly appropriated in fewer than 24 idle minutes from The Intoximeters Inc. “Drink Wheel”, which posts a link to some paste-in code that the general drinking public is invited to use. See the Intoximeters site for details on how the calculator works and how bogus its results may be. The Intoximeters site also carries a copyright notice, though the paste-in code carries none. So we may be perpetrating an Intellectual Property Protocol Breach. Curtis—secure a perimeter! President Logan, start twitching!

Do we really need a ’24’ Drinking Game Calculator?
No. You can get hammered playing the “24” drinking game of your choice, with or without a blood-alcohol estimation device. But the calculator will probably catch the terrorists by surprise. Unless Edgar screws it up.

Who’s tougher—Jack or Tony?
Nina—but she got careless.

Who was smarter—Kim or the Cubs mug?
Depends on what you mean by “smarter.”

Anything else?
“Nerve gas.”

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4 Replies to “The ’24’ Drinking Game Calculator & FAQ”

  1. The Illinois Secretary of State also takes into consideration over what period (how much time has elapsed) that the alcohol has been consumed. Warning: those with liver dysfunction may show higher numbers.

  2. You’re right, and this calculator assumes all the substance abuse is occurring in a one-hour period — in other words, during the 60 minutes the show is on the air. The inspiration for doing that was noticing how many people — not hundreds, but more than a couple — came looking for information on a “24” drinking game after I sarcastically mentioned one in a post a couple weeks ago.

  3. I found that I was able to drink four pints of beer during 24 and still be under the legal limit (though very likely still slapped with a DUI if I were driving a car and pulled over) in California. That’s quite a lot of beer in just one hour, but I think I can do it.

  4. I’ll catch up on 24 when the run ends and the entire saga is on DVD. Somewhat related: Monday during CSI Caruso, I took a slug from the office bottle of John Powers each time The Messiah said, “Mr. Wolf.” Today, I was named an Honorary Senator from Massachusetts.

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