My Leader


Found on Target’s website during actual work-related activities (I have a sworn affidavit to prove it). What I like about this $29.95 beauty — sold on the Web only to avoid in-store rioting — is the lifelike querulousness of the chief executive’s expression.

Target lists some of the doll’s finer attributes:

  • Talking Action Figure has a 2 min. audio chip allowing it to speak 25 different phrases in the Presidents own Voice!
  • Figures are limited in production and include an individually numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Figures also include a biographical pamphlet that includes rare photos and a comprehensive timeline specific to each figure.
  • Figures come dressed in period correct clothing that has been hand tailored to suit the figure
  • Figure come in an attractive display box however, the figures also include a fully adjustable doll stand for displaying the figure outside of thebox

Of course, as soon as you have the brilliant impulse to post something like this on the strength of the fact you haven’t seen it before, you discover other members of the species:

The Top Gun Bush

The Unintentionally Butt-Ugly Talking Bush

The Farting Bush

The Turkey Dinner Bush

Who can doubt there are many, many more?

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