Sky Antlers in Flight

Researching a randonneuring trip to Portland and what airlines will charge for flying my bike as luggage, I checked the American Airlines site for details. I remember from a couple years ago that they charged $80 for the bike. That’s still true.

But American’s list of “sports equipment” it will fly is unexpectedly entertaining. It includes antlers (“must be as free of residue as possible; the skull must be wrapped and tips protected”), bowling balls (bowling ball cleaning fluids may be dangerous cargo), javelins ($80 each), “pole vaults” (I assume they’re talking about the poles, and they’re not allowed).

2 Replies to “Sky Antlers in Flight”

  1. Funny. I looked at this in terms of sporting equipment you could use in case of emergency. Hang gliders, kite surfing, kayaks/oars, and scuba gear could all come in handy (depending on where you crash landed). Parachute isn’t on the list.

  2. Yeah, a parachute would be useful. As would some sort of high-altitude breathing apparatus. They could be stowed under the seats in the passenger cabin along with the life vests (I always wonder whether those life vests have ever been successfully used “in the event of a water landing”).

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