Infospigot Word Challenge

Word challenge! Sound like a game. But it’s not. It’s just an opportunity to say (write) the word “hooplehead.”

What’s that?

I encountered it watching the DVDs of the first season of HBO’s “Deadwood.” Highly recommended for its fine writing and acting, though it features extreme violence and a variety of vile behavior — the profanity is the least of it — that makes it unsuitable for family viewing (unless you want the kids to turn out like me). But I digress.

Hoopleheads: It’s the term the evil (or perhaps just ultra-misunderstood) Deadwood saloonkeeper and master manipulator Al Swearengen uses for rubes, yahoos, and general riffraff. It’s a fine, descriptive word — it could find employment describing many of our red-state brothers and sisters who voted to keep our incumbent president in office for another four years, for instance; or for the incumbent himself, for that matter.


4 Replies to “Infospigot Word Challenge”

  1. Hopplehead. Doesn’t it just roll off your tongue, and fill the air with a rich sound. I’m going out this minute and call someone a Hooplehead. Think I can find one in Chicago. Maybe an Alderman.

  2. Luckily, the faith-based FCC will gussy this up for Basic Cable. “Hoopleheads” will be transformed into “dirty no-good sons of saloon gals”. Under this influence, A&E’s future already features a “Very Special Edition of the Sopranos” where Ralphie gets a knuckle sandwich.

  3. Yes, it’s true — though the only place I think you hear the word now is on TV.
    So: Are you any relation to Mott the Hoople?

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