The Music Thing, Again

So tonight, in between watching “Survivor” and “CSI” on TiVo and wallowing in other popular culture activities, I’m loading some more music into my iTunes library. This way, my Top 25 will show my to be a more well-rounded person. Except: I realize that the pile of albums I’ve picked out so far mark me as a fossil — a real classic-rock FM kind of guy.

Already loaded: Bob Dylan — “Nashville Skyline” and “Highway 61 Revisited.” Bob Dylan and The Band — “The Basement Tapes.” B.B. King — “Blues is King.” Van Morrison — “St. Dominic’s Preview.” Frank Zappa — “Hot Rats.”

Still to come: James Taylor — yes, yes, I’m not holding anything back. The White Album. Let It Bleed. Jimi Hendrix.

What does any of it have in common? Virtually none of that stuff was recorded after 1969. I see in my stack still to go on the computer that I have a couple real hot recent numbers that spoil the trend — a Dire Straits compilation and an album from Susannah McCorkle, a wonderful jazz singer who met a tragic end a few years back.

But for the most part, it’s like my ears and musical taste ossified at age 15.

Whipping post!

3 Replies to “The Music Thing, Again”

  1. Dan Brekke. Sitting on the floor lotus style. Frayed bell bottoms. Faded Ted Nugent (pre NRA Nugent) t-shirt. Puka shells hang on strings in the doorway. A pyramid of empty Old Style cans leans precariously against the wall. Black light. Ping pong balls painted with fluorescent tempra paints hang by threads from the ceiling. The motion in the lava lamp has him mesmerized as he ponders his future. Patchouli incense mixes with the gentle scent of Jade East. CCR’S long version of Heard it Through the Grape Vine plays on the hi fi. Suddenly, he’s knocked out of his reverie as the sound of his dad’s voice floats up the stairs, “you’re getting a hair cut today!.”
    And, that was just this morning.
    Oh, we bow to the classic rock FM kind of guys.

  2. Mother of mercy, that’s funny. (I believe the post lava-lamp-era abbreviation is LOL, bordering on ROTFLMAO). Thanks, Marie!

  3. Speaking of the post-lava lamp era, what ever happened to the vacuum cleaner?
    Also, I like the iTunes radio feature. Radio Paradise, under the Alternative/Rock rubric, plays a nice variety of old, new, popular and obscure.
    Don’t forget about the vacuum cleaner. Man.

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