Jack and Doris

Discoveries about two of the fringe characters I’ve happened across and blogged in the past few days.

First: Jackson Kirk Grimes, the head of the United Fascist Union, apparently takes himself and his candidacy seriously despite his campaign photo, which depicts him holding up one hand in a “Hook ‘Em Horns” (or some obscure neofascist salute) sign and wearing in a Roman centurion’s helmet turned sidewise (see earlier post). Someone commented on that post, directing me to the United Fascist Union web site, www.ufu.gq.nu. It’s there that you learn that Jack Grimes is not just a guy with a wry sense of humor, but an earnest political missionary spreading the word about a kinder, gentler fascism to groups like the Flying Saucer Society of Dover, Delaware. It’s one of the bigger disappointments of this campaign season to find Grimes takes himself seriously.

I also scribbled something about the full-page ad in The New York Times earlier this week that revealed the anti-Bush word of God through a woman named Doris Orme of Bonita Springs, Florida. I didn’t really look for any background information on Doris before. Today I did and discovered through a 2001 story by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Don Lattin that Doris was one of the Rev. Moon’s earliest converts here in North America; that she and her husband, Dennis, were married in one of Moon’s first mass weddings here; and that she and Dennis have broken with Moon (why would you need the reverend when you have your own line to God).

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  1. Of course Mr. Grimes takes himself very seriously. This is no joke, in a country like this, with the government crashing plane bombs into tall buildings as phony terrorist attacks and, then invading Fascist countries, like Iraq to steal the oil.
    I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with you people, making a joke of our United Fascist Union, in a dismal world like this. I think a Civil War is coming ( I don’t see how it can’t now that the puppet masters installed this asshole Bush again).
    Mr. G. wants to leave the country as he sees no point in continuing the United Fascist Union now that both his idols Benito Mussolini and Saddam Hussien ar dead (which some Iraqi told him on the Bontonic site. I believe him too, because after he made the post Bontonic was spammed away by “Truth & Enlightenment on the Web”).
    So, Sally Parker wants to design a new United Fascist Union site. Eduardo Rios, (Mr. G’s V.P. candidate in 00 & 04), told me he saw a post on the web that said Jack Grimes came in right under Nader again. Jack Grimes wants to quit the UFU and leave the country, “before the Feds ‘Fake’ another 9/11 and kill all anti-government types, like him”.
    I don’t want Jack Grimes to turn command over to Sally Parker or Eduardo Rios and leave the country. As I said I believe a Civil War is coming and I believe Jack Grimes is the only man who can get us through it and save our country from both anarchists and tyranny under this asshole Bush.
    I want to hear from people who are not connected with the United Fascist Union and aren’t bias in anyway. What do you think Jack Grimes should do?
    Heil Grimes!

  2. Jackson Grimes Writes a Letter to the Editor
    This letter is in response to staff writer Rory Sweeney’s article on Nov. 2 titled “Fascist flies third-party banner.”
    Regarding the statements made about Italy’s Benito Mussolini and Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein: If by “dictator” you mean a tyrant as in ancient Greece, neither of them wielded that kind of power.
    Mussolini was King Victor Emmanuel III’s prime minister, confirmed in his post by parliament. Hussein was elected to his fourth term as president of Iraq prior to President Bush’s unprovoked invasion and ruled in conjunction with a cabinet and senate. Both leaders modernized and industrialized the lands they ruled and raised the standard of living for the average person.
    Hussein was practically an Arab JFK. The Ba’athist (Arabic for fascists) had universal free education for all grade levels, including college. President Hussein also enforced laws banning female circumcision and severely punished men who doused their wives with petrol and set them on fire.
    He also heralded in a new era of tolerance, breaking down barriers between Sunnis and Shiites.

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