Blog Maintenance

Got an email from Radio Userland today — the service I used when I first started blogging last November. Just wanted to remind me that I have a month to renew my subscription and pay another whatever it was — forty or fifty bucks — to enjoy their buggy, user-unfriendly system. So that prompted me to figure out once and for all whether I could export my posts from Radio into Typepad. I had come across advice in Typepad’s help section that it was possible using a little utility that someone had written just to help people extricate their material from Radio when they switch to something else (the app is here, but you have to figure out how to use it your own self because no instruction come with it). I gave it a try — and after several false starts, made it work. So I was able to import 160-some posts into Typepad. However, they’re not formatted perfectly at all, and I need to go through everything that’s there and clean stuff up, decide which of my immortal observations may not be that immortal after all, and see if I can restore pictures where those have been lost.

Anyway, so that’s what happened Saturday when I could have been making a new round of immortal observations.

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