A Quick Road Rundown

Day Two of the Great River Drive:

Start/end points: Charleston, Mo./St. Peters, Mo.
Miles: 318
Dead possums: 6
MPDP (miles per dead possum): 53
Ferries: 4
Ferry locations/routes: Dorena, Mo.-Hickman, Ky.; Ste. Genevieve, Mo.-Modoc, Ill.; Grafton, Ill.-Brussels, Ill. (Illinois River); Golden Eagle, Ill.-Kampville, Mo.
Total ferry fares: $19
Historic markers stopped for and read: At least 8.
American legends encountered: 1, depending on definition of legend. This one was John Luther Jones, a railroad employee who gained fame under a nickname taken from the hometown of his teenage years, Cayce, Ky., a hamlet we passed through in the morning.
Stayed-cable bridges crossed: 1
Accidentally demolished bridges: 1
Defunct levee floodgates: 1
Operational levee floodgates: 1

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