This Land (Revisited)

NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” talked to Arlo Guthrie on Monday about the copyright flap that has arisen over a campaign parody of his dad’s “This Land Is Your Land”:

Neil Conan: Your father was a political musician. What do you think he would have said about people using his music for political purposes?

Arlo: Well, you know, I really can’t speak for him. I can just tell you that when I saw it a few weeks ago, I thought it was one of the funniest commentaries, if not one of the most directly inspired–I mean, I called my sister, I called my friends, I sent everybody a link to the site so that they could go see it and we’ve all been laughing about it since then. I don’t think that was–I think my dad would have absolutely loved the humor in it.

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  1. Dan: Glad to see you’ve been busy. Hey, I learned something here…about Woody Guthrie, the Dem. convention coverage as well as the piece regarding Berkeley’s Flying Dutchman motor coach (this last one was especially good). Good to catch up here. I’ll tell my mates to tune in. JB

  2. Dan, I’m glad to hear what Arlo said about he movie. I was hoping he would say just that. Unfortunately, it does not make a difference. I know you already know that. I’m just sayin…

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