Tour de Lunacy

Favorite moment in today’s stage: Lance’s dash for the win, natch.

Close second: Kloeden, one of the Germans on the T-Mobile squad, giving a firm shove to a guy running alongside him waving a German flag.

Third: Paul Sherwin’s comment on another one of the roadside lunatics, a guy in a chicken suit who ran in front of the lead group for about 100 meters: “It’s a pity that some of these people are so crazy.” Sherwen also observed during a replay of the finish that Lance had been “determinated” to win.

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  1. My favorite tour moment of the past couple days was a guest appearance by Robin Williams in the pre-race booth with Al Trautwig (and that other guy). I think Williams has lost his comedic touch over recent years, but this guest spot was a real gem. He just riffed spontaneously for about five solid minutes — no producer could stop him from being funny.
    When finally asked what his attraction was to cycling toward the end of the interview, Williams replied: “Well, it’s a bike-sexual thing. A long, hard appreciation for the sport.”
    Classic Williams — and on family cable TV. Priceless.

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