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Wrote a story yesterday for Wired News on how aerospace guy Burt Rutan says his team is all ready to go for the X Prize with SpaceShipOne. It was a little nugget of breaking news, since for the most part the last word anybody had was that Rutan was working to figure out exactly what caused control problems during the June 21st flight during which pilot (now astronaut) Mike Melvill flew SS1 to 100 kilometers.

It’s cool to see that the story was blogged by MSNBC’s Alan Boyle and others.

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  1. I had a feeling it wouldn’t take Rutan long to find the problem. Good to see others picking up your story and it’s quite nice to see you repeatedly in Wired. Keep up the good work!
    (Dan Brekke’s check bounces)
    He kicks puppies. I saw him.

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