Torturegate … Is on the Air!

I just got .15 seconds (yes, 15/100ths of a second, or about 12 gnat heartbeats) of fame deriving from my historic role as the father of torturegate (the word). This sliverette of recognition arrived in my Outlook Express inbox from The O’Franken Factor at 8:45 a.m. PDT:


I’d like to talk to you ASAP to ask a question about the word “torturegate”—my number is [deleted], or you could email me your number. Much appreciated!

Ben Wikler


The O’Franken Factor

Yeah, I got all hot and bothered about it. I called as soon as I saw the note, having visions of snappy on-air repartee with Al Franken and perhaps the spontaneous creation of a new career in radio. But the reality fell somewhat short of that. As Mr. Wikler told me, Mr. Franken was talking about torturegate (the word) this morning on the show, and specifically the claim from Fox’s Sean Hannity that the word was invented by Democrats who are part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to politicize the abuse allegations and get rid of Rumsfeld. So, off the air, he asked me — probably the world authority on torturegate (the word) — whether I was a Democrat? whether I had called for Rumsfeld’s resignation? whether I was part of the vast left-wing conspiracy to politicize the abuse case (answers: yes; no; no, I think).

I would love to have talked to Franken, though.

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