Others Things to Do While Driving

Driver1Driver2Say you’re headed someplace with the kid. The kid gets bored and demands a story. Doesn’t want to hear any of the slop you’ve got on CD or tape — heard all of it a thousand times. Wants you to read something from the new story book, now. So you pick up “Finding Nemo” and start reading — at 50 mph while negotiating a construction zone and busy Saturday evening traffic on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. You’re so engaged in entertaining the kid that you don’t notice the van driving alongside
with a driver who is (also somewhat crazily) trying to record the scene. Click here or on the pictures for larger versions of the images; in them, you can see that the kid was standing up in the back seat, in prime position to get hurled through the windshield if mom lost control while turning the page.

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