The Busher

Talking of Canseco, the man with the invisible knot on his head, made me remember The Busher, Ring Lardner’s guy (protagonist is too big a word for him) in “You Know Me Al“):

“Detroit, Michigan, April 28
“Friend Al: What do you think of a rotten maager that bawls me out and fines me $50.00 for loosing a 1 to 0 game in 10 innings when it was my 1st start this season? And no woinder I was a little wild in the 10th when I had not had no chance to work and get control. I got a good notion to quit this rotten club and jump to the Federals where a man gets some kind of treatment. Callahan says I throwed the game away on purpose but I did not do no such a thing Al because when I throwed that ball at Joe Hill’s head I forgot that the bases was full and besides if Gleason had not of starved me to death the ball that hit him in the head would of killed him.”

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